What To Put In A Gift Bag For Christmas

‘Tis the season to spread the holiday cheer with thoughtful gifts tucked inside festive gift bags! But as you stare at an empty bag, you may find yourself wondering what items will make the perfect present. Fear not, dear reader, for we have prepared a comprehensive guide on what to put in a gift bag for Christmas. From delectable treats to pampering essentials and entertaining knick-knacks, this article will help you create a memorable holiday surprise for your loved ones. So, grab your favorite bag and get ready to fill it with joyous surprises that will bring a smile to their faces this Christmas season!

Edible Treats

Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat to satisfy your cravings or a gift that will delight others, homemade cookies are always a great choice. You can make a variety of flavors, from classic chocolate chip to festive gingerbread. The best part is that these cookies can be personalized to suit any taste or dietary restrictions. Pack them in a cute holiday-themed tin or wrap them up in cellophane with a festive ribbon for an extra touch of holiday cheer.

No holiday season is complete without indulging in some decadent chocolates. From rich dark chocolate truffles to creamy milk chocolate bars, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. You can even get creative and make your own chocolate bark with your favorite toppings like nuts, dried fruit, or even crushed candy canes. Put them in a cute box or arrange them in a Christmas-themed basket for a gift that is sure to impress.

If you’re looking for a fun and nostalgic gift, candies are the way to go. Traditional candy canes are a classic choice, but you can also include other types of candies like peppermints, gummy bears, or chocolate-covered pretzels. Consider putting them in small holiday-themed bags or jars that can be easily shared or enjoyed on the go. These delightful goodies are sure to bring smiles to anyone’s face.


When the weather outside is frightful, a warm cup of hot cocoa is just what you need. Consider creating your own hot cocoa mix that can be enjoyed later. Mix together some powdered cocoa, sugar, and a pinch of salt. You can even add in some crushed peppermint candies for an extra festive touch. Package the mix in cute jars or bags, and don’t forget to include instructions on how to prepare the perfect cup of hot cocoa.

For those who prefer tea, a collection of assorted tea bags is a thoughtful gift. Choose a variety of flavors like chamomile, green tea, or peppermint, allowing the recipient to enjoy a different tea each day. Package the tea bags in a decorative tin or a pretty box adorned with holiday-themed designs.

If coffee is their go-to beverage, consider gifting a selection of flavored coffee packets. From caramel macchiato to peppermint mocha, these packs are a convenient way to enjoy different coffee flavors without the hassle of brewing an entire pot. Package them in a festive coffee mug or arrange them in a coffee-themed gift basket for the ultimate coffee lover’s gift.

Personal Care Items

The holiday season can be hectic, so why not pamper yourself or someone else with personal care items? Bath bombs are a luxurious treat that can turn an ordinary bath into a relaxing spa experience. Choose ones with festive scents like peppermint or cinnamon. Package them in a pretty box or wrap them up in colorful tissue paper for an indulgent gift.

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Body lotion is another fantastic personal care item that can help keep dry winter skin at bay. Look for lotions with nourishing ingredients like shea butter or coconut oil. You can choose a holiday-scented lotion or opt for a fragrance-free option for those with sensitive skin. Package the lotion in a decorative bottle or put it in a small basket with other self-care items for a delightful gift.

In this day and age, hand sanitizer has become an essential item. Think about gifting a travel-sized hand sanitizer that can be easily carried in a bag or pocket. Look for scented options that can add a pleasant and festive touch, making it both practical and enjoyable. Package it in a small pouch or a holiday-themed hand sanitizer holder for a cute and useful gift.


When it comes to accessories, you can never go wrong with scarves. They are not only stylish but also functional during the chilly winter months. Look for scarves in festive colors and patterns like plaid or snowflakes. Whether you choose a chunky knit scarf or a lightweight infinity one, this accessory is sure to keep you cozy and fashionable all season long.

Gloves are another must-have accessory for the winter. Whether they’re lined with faux fur or made of touch screen-friendly material, gloves are a practical and thoughtful gift. Opt for ones in classic colors like black or gray, or go for festive patterns to add some holiday spirit to their wardrobe. Package the gloves in a small box or tie them together with a festive ribbon for an appealing presentation.

To keep feet warm and toasty, socks are the way to go. Consider gifting a set of cozy and festive socks with fun patterns like reindeer, snowmen, or even Santa Claus. Pick the perfect colors and designs that suit the recipient’s personality, and package them in a cute gift box or a stocking to complete the holiday theme. These socks will bring warmth and cheer to their feet all winter long.

Holiday Decorations

Ornaments are a classic addition to any Christmas tree or festive mantelpiece. Choose ornaments that reflect the recipient’s interests or hobbies. Whether it’s a sports-themed ornament, a cute animal shape, or a sparkly snowflake, these little decorations will add a personal touch to their holiday decor. Consider wrapping the ornaments in tissue paper and placing them in a decorative box for a special presentation.

Miniature Christmas trees are a delightful way to bring some holiday spirit into any space. These small trees are perfect for tabletops or desks and come in various sizes and styles. Whether you choose a traditional green tree or opt for a colorful and whimsical one, it will surely bring joy and festive vibes wherever it’s displayed. Consider placing the miniature tree in a cute holiday-themed pot or wrapping it in sparkling ribbon for an irresistible gift.

Festive garland is another great addition to holiday decorations. Whether you choose a traditional green garland adorned with pinecones and berries or opt for a colorful garland made of felt or paper, it will instantly add a festive touch to any space. Consider wrapping the garland around a decorative wreath or arranging it in a festive basket for a creative gift idea.

Small Toys and Games

For those who enjoy some old-fashioned fun, playing cards are a great choice. They offer endless possibilities for different card games, whether it’s a friendly game of poker, Go Fish, or Solitaire. Look for decks with classic designs or opt for holiday-themed ones for some extra cheer. Consider pairing the playing cards with a small book of card game instructions for a complete gift.

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Puzzles are a fantastic way to spend quality time with loved ones during the holiday season. Choose puzzles with different difficulty levels and themes like winter landscapes, holiday scenes, or even famous artwork. Whether you choose a small puzzle for a quick challenge or a larger one for an extended family activity, puzzles are sure to bring joy and entertainment to anyone’s Christmas celebrations.

For those who love collecting, miniature action figures are a fun and nostalgic gift idea. Whether they’re into superheroes, movie characters, or sci-fi icons, there is an action figure to suit everyone’s interests. Look for collectible figures from popular franchises and package them in a clear display case or arrange them on a small shelf for an eye-catching gift.

DIY Kits

For those who enjoy crafting, a knitting kit is the perfect gift. Whether they’re a beginner or an experienced knitter, there are kits available for all skill levels. Choose a kit that includes yarn, knitting needles, and instructions for a specific project like a cozy hat or a warm scarf. Package the knitting kit in a cute bag or wrap it up with a beautiful ribbon for a thoughtful and creative gift.

Origami sets are a fantastic gift for those who love paper crafts and enjoy creating intricate shapes and designs. Look for sets that include a variety of paper colors and sizes, along with instructions for different origami projects. Whether they’re a beginner or an origami master, this kit will provide hours of entertainment and a sense of accomplishment. Consider packaging the origami set in a decorative box or a pretty bag for an attractive presentation.

Candle making kits are a unique and creative gift idea. These kits include everything needed to make your own scented candles, from wax and wicks to fragrance oils and molds. Whether they’re a candle enthusiast or a beginner, this kit will allow them to create their own personalized candles. Package the candle making kit in a decorative box or a pretty basket with additional candle accessories for a delightful gift.

Stationery Items

For those who love to jot down their thoughts or stay organized, notebooks are a practical and stylish gift. Look for notebooks with beautiful covers and high-quality paper. Whether they’re used for journaling, taking notes, or sketching, notebooks are versatile items that will always come in handy. Consider pairing the notebooks with a set of colorful pens or markers for a complete stationery gift set.

Pens are essential tools for any writing enthusiast. From elegant fountain pens to smooth gel pens, there are options for every writing style. Consider gifting a set of pens with different colors and ink types, allowing the recipient to express themselves in a variety of ways. Package the pens in a stylish pen case or a decorative box for an impressive and practical gift.

Sticky notes are not only useful for reminders and to-do lists but also can add a touch of fun to any workspace. Look for sticky notes in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Whether it’s a quirky animal-shaped pad or a set of vibrant and colorful sticky tabs, these handy stationery items will make note-taking a breeze. Consider packaging the sticky notes in a cute holder or wrapping them up with a festive bow for an adorable gift.

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For book lovers, bestselling novels are always a great choice. Choose novels from popular authors or new and emerging voices. Whether they enjoy thrilling mysteries, heartwarming romances, or thought-provoking literary works, there is a book to suit every taste. Consider adding a personalized note inside the book or wrapping it in a beautiful paper for a special touch.

Cookbooks are a fantastic gift for those who enjoy spending time in the kitchen or experimenting with new recipes. Look for cookbooks with a variety of cuisines or focus on specific types of dishes like baking, vegetarian, or international cuisine. Whether they’re a seasoned chef or just starting their culinary journey, a cookbook will provide endless inspiration and delicious meals. Consider adding a set of measuring spoons or a cute kitchen gadget to complete the gift.

Inspirational reads are a wonderful gift idea for those who enjoy personal development and life-changing books. Look for books that offer motivation, guidance, or insights into various aspects of life like mindfulness, self-improvement, or career success. Whether it’s a collection of inspirational quotes or a memoir from a successful individual, these reads will inspire and uplift the recipient. Consider packaging the book with a small journal or a set of affirmation cards for an empowering gift.

Gift Cards

If you’re unsure about someone’s preferences or want to leave the choice up to them, gift cards are the way to go. Restaurant gift cards are perfect for food enthusiasts who enjoy dining out. Choose a restaurant that offers their favorite cuisine or allows them to try something new. Package the gift card in a small envelope or a festive card for a simple yet thoughtful presentation.

Online shopping gift cards open up a world of possibilities. Whether they enjoy fashion, gadgets, or home decor, an online shopping gift card allows them to choose exactly what they want. Look for popular online retailers that offer a wide range of products and ensure a hassle-free shopping experience. Consider placing the gift card in a small box or attaching it to a cute keychain for a fun reveal.

Movie theater gift cards are a great choice for film lovers or those who enjoy a night out at the movies. Choose a gift card from their favorite theater chain and let them enjoy the latest blockbusters or indie films on the big screen. Package the gift card in a small popcorn bucket or a movie-themed envelope for a cinematic touch.

In conclusion, when it comes to filling a holiday gift bag, there are countless options to choose from. Edible treats like homemade cookies, chocolates, and candies are sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Beverages like hot cocoa, tea assortments, and flavored coffee packets offer warmth and comfort during the winter season. Personal care items like bath bombs, body lotion, and hand sanitizers provide relaxation and self-care. Accessories like scarves, gloves, and socks keep you stylish and warm. Holiday decorations like ornaments, miniature Christmas trees, and festive garland bring joy to any home. Small toys and games like playing cards, puzzles, and miniature action figures provide entertainment and fun. DIY kits like knitting, origami, and candle making offer hands-on creativity. Stationery items like notebooks, pens, and sticky notes help stay organized and express creativity. Books like bestselling novels, cookbooks, and inspirational reads offer knowledge and inspiration. Lastly, gift cards to restaurants, online shopping, and movie theaters allow the recipient to choose their perfect gift. With this wide range of options, you’re sure to find the perfect combination to make a delightful holiday gift bag. Happy gifting and happy holidays!

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