Popular Subscription Services for Christmas Gifts

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift, look no further than popular subscription services. From beauty boxes to book clubs, these curated packages have taken gift-giving to a whole new level. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find something that will make anyone on your list light up with joy. So get ready to surprise your loved ones with a gift that keeps on giving all year long!

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Beauty Subscription Services

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and exciting Christmas gift for someone who loves all things beauty, a beauty subscription service is the way to go. There are several popular options to choose from, each offering a unique experience tailored to the recipient’s preferences and needs.


Birchbox is one of the best-known beauty subscription services out there. Each month, subscribers receive a curated box of beauty samples, including skincare, makeup, haircare, and fragrance products. It’s a great way to explore new brands and products without committing to full-sized versions. Birchbox also offers a rewards program, allowing subscribers to earn points that can be redeemed for discounts on full-sized products.


Ipsy is another beloved beauty subscription service that has gained a loyal following. The monthly Glam Bag comes filled with five personalized beauty products, ranging from makeup and skincare to haircare and tools. What sets Ipsy apart is its emphasis on customization. Subscribers fill out a beauty quiz to ensure that the products they receive are tailored to their preferences and needs. Ipsy also offers exclusive discounts and access to beauty tutorials and tips through its online platform.

Sephora Play

For those who can’t resist the allure of Sephora, Sephora Play is the perfect beauty subscription service. Each month, subscribers receive a box containing five deluxe-sized samples of popular products available at Sephora. From cult-favorite skincare items to trendy makeup must-haves, Sephora Play introduces subscribers to the latest and greatest in beauty. Alongside the samples, subscribers also receive a Play! Pass that can be redeemed in-store for extra benefits, such as one-on-one tutorials or bonus Beauty Insider points.

Food and Drink Subscription Services

If you know someone who enjoys cooking or indulging in food and drink, a food and drink subscription service can be an excellent Christmas gift. These services deliver pre-portioned ingredients, ready-to-cook meals, or tasty beverages right to the recipient’s doorstep.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a popular food subscription service that offers a variety of culinary delights. Subscribers can choose from a range of recipes each week and receive pre-portioned ingredients along with step-by-step instructions. Blue Apron’s mission is to make home cooking accessible and enjoyable, encouraging people to expand their culinary repertoire without the hassle of meal planning or grocery shopping.


Similar to Blue Apron, HelloFresh offers a convenient way to enjoy home-cooked meals without the stress of meal planning and shopping. HelloFresh allows subscribers to choose from a wide range of meat, fish, and vegetarian recipes, and delivers pre-measured ingredients straight to their door. The detailed recipe cards make it easy for even novice cooks to whip up delicious dishes.

Wine of the Month Club

For wine enthusiasts, a subscription to the Wine of the Month Club is sure to be a hit. Each month, recipients receive a carefully curated selection of wines from around the world. The club offers different membership options to cater to various preferences, such as red wines only, white wines only, or mixed selections. Alongside the bottles of wine, subscribers also receive detailed tasting notes and pairing suggestions, enhancing their wine-drinking experience.

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Popular Subscription Services for Christmas Gifts

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Find your new Popular Subscription Services for Christmas Gifts on this page.

Book Subscription Services

For the avid readers in your life, a book subscription service is a gift that keeps on giving. These services deliver handpicked books, often with additional goodies and surprises, straight to the reader’s doorstep.

Book of the Month

Book of the Month is a highly regarded book subscription service that offers a curated selection of new and noteworthy books each month. Subscribers can choose one book from a list of expert-curated options, with genres ranging from mystery and thriller to literary fiction and romance. The chosen book is then shipped to the subscriber, allowing them to build their own personal library and discover new authors and stories.


OwlCrate is a book subscription service tailored to young adult fiction enthusiasts. Each month, subscribers receive a newly released young adult novel, along with a variety of bookish goodies such as exclusive author content, art prints, and themed items related to the book. OwlCrate also hosts an online book club where subscribers can discuss the monthly pick and connect with other bookworms.

Book Riot Quarterly Box

For readers who crave diversity and representation in literature, the Book Riot Quarterly Box is a perfect choice. This subscription service focuses on highlighting books written by marginalized authors and exploring a wide range of genres and themes. Each box contains two or three books, along with bookish items carefully curated to enhance the reading experience. With the Book Riot Quarterly Box, readers can expand their literary horizons and support underrepresented voices in the publishing industry.

Fitness Subscription Services

For those who prioritize health and fitness, a fitness subscription service can be a fantastic Christmas gift. These services offer a variety of workout options, fitness gear, and access to professional trainers and classes.


FitFabFun is more than just a fitness subscription service; it’s a holistic wellness experience. Subscribers receive a quarterly box filled with a mix of fitness, beauty, and lifestyle products. From workout gear and healthy snacks to skincare and wellness essentials, each box is carefully curated to promote overall well-being. FitFabFun also offers access to exclusive offers and discounts from partner brands and the option to customize certain items in the box.


YogaClub is perfect for the yoga lovers in your life. This subscription service delivers a handpicked outfit curated specifically for each subscriber’s individual style, size, and workout preferences. Whether they practice yoga, Pilates, or any other form of exercise, subscribers can expect to receive high-quality and stylish activewear that keeps them motivated and feeling great during their workouts.


ClassPass is the ultimate fitness subscription service for those who enjoy exploring a variety of workouts. With a ClassPass membership, subscribers gain access to a network of fitness studios and classes in their area. From yoga and dance to spin and strength training, there’s something for everyone. Subscribers can book classes directly through the ClassPass app, making it easy to discover new workouts, stay motivated, and maintain an active lifestyle.

Popular Subscription Services for Christmas Gifts

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Entertainment Subscription Services

What better way to spread holiday cheer than by gifting a subscription service that offers hours of entertainment? Whether your loved one is a TV and movie enthusiast or a fan of a specific streaming platform, there’s an entertainment subscription service for everyone.


Netflix needs no introduction. With a vast library of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and original content, Netflix has revolutionized the way we consume entertainment. A subscription to Netflix grants access to a world of endless binge-watching possibilities, from gripping dramas to hilarious comedies and everything in between.

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Hulu is another popular streaming service that offers a wide range of TV shows, movies, and original content. What sets Hulu apart is its focus on current television, offering next-day access to many popular shows. Alongside its extensive library, Hulu also offers add-ons like live TV and premium channels, providing subscribers with even more options for their viewing pleasure.


Disney+ is a dream come true for Disney enthusiasts of all ages. This subscription service brings the magic of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic right to your living room. Subscribers gain access to an extensive library of beloved classics, new releases, and exclusive Disney+ originals. From animated classics to thrilling superhero adventures, Disney+ is a must-have for any fan of the House of Mouse.

DIY and Crafting Subscription Services

For the creative souls in your life, a DIY and crafting subscription service can ignite their artistic flair and provide them with the materials and inspiration to create beautiful and unique projects.

HomeMade Luxe

HomeMade Luxe is a DIY subscription box that delivers all the materials needed to complete a stunning home decor project. Each month, subscribers receive a new project along with detailed instructions and all the necessary supplies. From wreaths and wall art to candles and centerpieces, HomeMade Luxe makes it easy to add a personal touch to any living space.


For knitting enthusiasts, KnitCrate offers a monthly subscription box filled with luxurious yarns and patterns. Each box includes two skeins of premium yarn in a surprise colorway, along with accompanying knitting patterns. KnitCrate also offers different subscription options, catering to various skill levels and knitting preferences.

The Crafter’s Box

The Crafter’s Box is all about providing subscribers with the tools and materials to learn a new craft or hone their existing skills. Each month, subscribers receive a curated box with high-quality materials and comprehensive video tutorials led by expert makers. From embroidery and weaving to woodworking and pottery, The Crafter’s Box is a gateway to endless creative possibilities.

Popular Subscription Services for Christmas Gifts

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Clothing Subscription Services

If you’re looking for a stylish and hassle-free Christmas gift, a clothing subscription service is a superb choice. These services offer personalized styling and deliver fashionable pieces right to the recipient’s doorstep.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a popular clothing subscription service that takes the stress out of shopping for new clothes. Subscribers fill out a detailed style profile, specifying their sizes, preferences, and lifestyle needs. A personal stylist then curates a customized box of clothing and accessories based on that profile. Subscribers can try everything on in the comfort of their own home, keeping the items they love and returning the rest.

Trunk Club

Trunk Club, a Nordstrom-owned service, offers a similar experience to Stitch Fix but with a focus on high-end fashion. Subscribers are paired with a personal stylist who handpicks clothing, shoes, and accessories from top designer brands. Each trunk contains a selection of items tailored to the subscriber’s style and needs. Trunk Club also offers the option to schedule in-person appointments at select Nordstrom locations, allowing for a more personalized and comprehensive styling experience.

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway is perfect for fashion-forward individuals who love experimenting with different looks. This clothing rental service allows subscribers to choose from thousands of designer pieces, including dresses, tops, and accessories. Subscribers can rent items for a set period, wear them for special occasions or everyday events, and then return them when they’re done. Rent the Runway also offers various membership options to suit different needs and budgets.

Kids Subscription Services

Subscription services aren’t just for adults; there are plenty of options available that can bring joy and learning to children. From educational activities to imaginative play, these subscriptions provide children with hours of entertainment and enrichment.


KiwiCo offers subscription boxes filled with hands-on science and art projects for kids of all ages. Each box contains carefully curated materials and step-by-step instructions to complete a fun and educational project. From building robots and creating slime to exploring the principles of engineering and chemistry, KiwiCo sparks curiosity and fosters a love of learning in children.

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Little Passports

Little Passports takes young adventurers on a journey around the world without leaving home. Each subscription box focuses on a different country or theme, providing children with interactive experiences and educational materials. From maps and stickers to souvenirs and activities, Little Passports inspires children to explore different cultures and learn about geography, history, and more.

Disney Princess Enchanted Collection

For little ones who adore Disney princesses, the Disney Princess Enchanted Collection is a magical gift. This subscription service allows children to receive a box filled with Disney-themed surprises each month. From dress-up accessories and storybooks to toys and art supplies, each box is designed to make children feel like they’re part of their favorite fairy tales. The Disney Princess Enchanted Collection is a great way to bring the joy and wonder of Disney princesses into your child’s life.

Tech and Gadget Subscription Services

For the tech-savvy individuals in your life, a tech and gadget subscription service is the perfect way to keep them up to date with the latest technology trends and products.


BarkBox is a subscription service that delivers a box full of goodies for your furry friend each month. Each box contains a carefully curated selection of treats, toys, and accessories, all tailored to your pet’s size and preferences. From squeaky toys and tasty treats to cozy beds and grooming products, BarkBox is a delightful surprise for any dog owner and their loyal companion.

Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post is a subscription service that delivers a monthly box full of curated lifestyle and grooming products for men. Each box is centered around a specific theme or interest, such as outdoor adventures, grooming essentials, or unique barware. Subscribers can customize their boxes or opt to be surprised, making each month a fresh and exciting experience.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is an extension of the popular Ipsy beauty subscription service, but with a focus on professional-grade makeup and skincare products. Subscribers receive a monthly Glam Bag containing five full-sized or deluxe-sized beauty products, ranging from makeup and skincare to haircare and tools. The Glam Bag Plus caters to beauty enthusiasts who want to take their beauty routine to the next level with high-end products and brands.

Music Subscription Services

For the music lovers in your life, a music subscription service is a gift that provides a world of music right at their fingertips. Whether they’re into discovering new artists or curating their own playlists, these services offer unlimited access to millions of songs.

Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is one of the most popular music streaming services available, and for good reason. With a vast library of songs, playlists, and podcasts, Spotify offers something for every musical taste. Subscribers can create their own playlists, follow their favorite artists, and discover new music tailored to their preferences. Additionally, Spotify Premium allows for offline listening and ad-free streaming, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Apple Music

Apple Music is another major player in the music streaming world. This service boasts an extensive catalog of songs and albums, along with curated playlists and radio stations. Apple Music subscribers can listen to their favorite tracks, explore new releases, and connect with fellow music enthusiasts through social features like Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio station and Connect platform.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited is an excellent choice for those who are already immersed in the Amazon ecosystem. Subscribers gain access to a vast library of songs and albums, including exclusive releases and live performances. Amazon Music Unlimited integrates seamlessly with Amazon Echo devices, allowing for hands-free voice control and personalized music recommendations. Whether you’re in the mood for chart-topping hits or obscure indie gems, Amazon Music Unlimited has you covered.

In conclusion, there are numerous popular subscription services that make excellent Christmas gifts for a wide range of interests and preferences. Whether it’s beauty products, culinary adventures, captivating books, invigorating workouts, endless entertainment, creative projects, trendy clothing, engaging activities for kids, innovative tech gadgets, or an immersive music experience, there’s a subscription service out there to suit every taste. By gifting one of these subscription services, you’ll provide your loved ones with ongoing joy and discovery throughout the year.

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